Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Michelle

While doing this photo shoot, I was reminded what I am in for with having a boy. As we were helping the kids to their places on the rock, Michelle and I took a big step sideways when the kids started yelling and asking us, "what is that?!" We looked by our feet (just inches away from stepping in it) a DEAD POSSUM! We both screamed and grabbed each other, like you would expect most women to do. "N" was so excited and asked, "Mom, can I poke it with a stick?"
HA! I couldn't stop laughing! What is it with boys, dead things and the need for a stick? I know my turn is shortly coming and I can only hope my little guy turns out as sweet as "N." I love photographing these two, they cooperate so well and you can't beat the beautiful smile and model like poses from little "L." Thanks guys for another great day!


Bennett Family said...

Great job D!
Miss you.

Melissa said...

All sorts of cuteness going on here, love it. You are the masta at B&W!

Daina Crowell said...

Thanks Niki and Melissa! It seriously means a lot.