Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Michelle

While doing this photo shoot, I was reminded what I am in for with having a boy. As we were helping the kids to their places on the rock, Michelle and I took a big step sideways when the kids started yelling and asking us, "what is that?!" We looked by our feet (just inches away from stepping in it) a DEAD POSSUM! We both screamed and grabbed each other, like you would expect most women to do. "N" was so excited and asked, "Mom, can I poke it with a stick?"
HA! I couldn't stop laughing! What is it with boys, dead things and the need for a stick? I know my turn is shortly coming and I can only hope my little guy turns out as sweet as "N." I love photographing these two, they cooperate so well and you can't beat the beautiful smile and model like poses from little "L." Thanks guys for another great day!