Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am happy to say, no children were harmed in the creation of these images! Yes, I shot these photos of my kids with my husband absent and we actually had FUN doing it! There wasn't the stress that usually accompanies shooting my own children. I was worried because I have been planning this shoot in my head for months and I had a deadline to shoot it (which I missed, oh well! The Grandmas will get their Valentine's Day cards late this year) I hope you enjoy them and know that I LOVE that you stopped by to check them out. Happy Valentine's Day!

PS. Yes, you have to hear me complain again! These photos have totally lost their sharpness and quality that I spent so many hours getting just so. Something was lost in the translation from my originals to the blog. I am hoping to have a new blog in the near future and with it, no more flat lack-luster images.