Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summertime, When the Livin's Easy.

It is easy in the Pacific Northwest to long for the summer just moments after it has left. It is far too short! With little warmth and sun, my ipod took me back to summer for a short moment. You know how music can transport you back to any place and time? Well, these two songs take me right back to spending our summer vacation at our family cabin in Montana. My husband, Sherman, downloaded the first song as a surprise for me onto my ipod, in my workout mix. The second song is my response. You can get a real feel for our different tastes in music. ENJOY!

PS. Despite our fights over the radio dial, I love you babe!



1 comment:

Shaunie said...

I played your music video for Bennett and he said, "Cool" then proceeded to dance. As soon as it was over he said,"Again!"