Thursday, September 9, 2010


I recently returned from a fabulous day listening to some amazing photographers at Seattle’s WPPI Road trip. I have so many new tools and ideas in my tool belt just waiting for me to put them to work. But, in the words of my “Photog. Idol”, Jasmine Star, I have to, “Keep It Real.” I know she was directing her tag line to all those who are about to make their mark in the industry, reminding them to keep their feet on the ground. But for me, it took on a much different meaning.

After a long drive home in Seattle’s rush hour traffic, I had time to play with my big ideas and dreams of where I would love to take my talent and little business. Ideas were flowing and I was getting more and more excited by the minute. I realized with more work, time and learning, I had all the capabilities needed to make my business as large as I’d like. At this same moment, I had to ask myself, “at what cost?”

Keeping it real for me may mean putting my big dreams aside for a season and doing the job I previously committed to do, be present for my children. Is this a copout for not putting the work in needed to follow my dreams? I don’t think so. Is this a self-righteous judgment call on other working moms? Absolutely not! When I create something I want to give it my all and see that it is done right, and it consumes my mind. I just know that I have to control my obsessive self and remember that my time will come. I will get the opportunity to perfect my craft, but that is not today. Today I need to carefully balance my day between three growing children and a loving husband. So do I abandon my craft all together? HELL NO! In this delicate balance I also need time for ME to grow, even if that means minutes a day. In those stolen minutes, I will happily plug away at any shoot that comes my way and I will celebrate every inch of growth as a huge milestone. Is it a sacrifice? I don’t know, maybe I will find out thirty years from now.


Rachael said...

Daina, you are so brave and wise. Life is so complicated - it's hard to figure out what's "in season" sometimes! Good for you!

Leslie Behunin said...

You're amazing! Good, Better, Best ... and you know what is best for you and for your children. I admire your wisdom, Daina!!!

Sarah J. said...

Ditto to everything else that has previously been said! I, too, have struggled with this same "predicament," but have had to come to it on my own terms as well. At times, I feel like I'm constantly chanting to myself, "there is a time and a season." You are not alone. :)

Niki B said...

This totally made me smile.

Love you!

Shaunie said...

I' m going to wear out the link to this post as I try to remind myself of my priorities this quarter!

For what it' s worth, you're my photog idol!

Love ya

Daina Crowell said...

Coming from you ladies, whom I admire a lot, that means a TON! Thank you.