Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Carpe Diem

I tried to seize the moment when I saw the sun shining through my bedroom window, both girls dressed, hair done and baby was fed. I have been wanting a photo of my kiddos on my bed for a long time. My husband made this bed for me as a wedding gift with only a draw knife and his pocket knife, beautiful eh? Well, my moment was short lived, and I was asking too much to have all 3 happy for the photo! When the stars all realign, I will attempt this photo again.
But, I am happy to say I am back from my husband's mandated "maternity leave," and starting photo sessions again! I am already booked for the rest of July, but am completely open for August and September. NOW, is the time to start thinking about those Christmas card photos to beat the rush and seize the day with the good weather!

1 comment:

jasoncarmengourlie said...

love it! all three kids are so adorable. And the bed..... UNBELIEVABLE Sherman! The comforter makes the bed that much cuter.