Monday, January 4, 2010

Thank You Gregson Family!

Thanks to a long Christmas vacation in Utah, I was able to do photos for my brother and his family. They haven't had their family photos done in YEARS! I like to flatter myself and think that it is because I haven't lived near them in years ;)
This may have been my fastest photo shoot to date. It was FREEZING! Despite the cold, I was really excited about what I was able to capture in such a short amount of time. The kids were great and really stuck it in there with me. Poor 20 month old Shaw was losing feeling in his hands and that is when we knew it was time to call it quits. Thanks guys for a fun afternoon and for bringing such cute kids into the world to call me Auntie!


Kristen said...

LOVE THEM! And yes, you are absolutely right...we haven't had family photos done since the last ones you took on Lagoon trail.

Thanks again! You're awesome!

Shaunie said...

Great pictures! Cute family!

Bennett Family said...

these are GORGEOUS daina!