Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanks 'B' Family!

I did this photo shoot nearly two weeks ago! That will give you an idea of how swamped I have been lately. Regardless, I am having fun doing all that I am doing and especially had a great time working with the 'B' family. You really will never meet nicer people in your life. The morning we shot was really cold and I didn't hear one complaint out of any of them, they just did what I asked and smiled! What more can you ask for?
This was also my first shoot with my new assistant. He did a great job at holding lighting gear in place for me, making the family smile (more like laugh) and keeping things comfortable and fun. Did I mention he is really good looking too?!
Yes, my husband has joined the Rahne Drop team and will be accompanying me on my shoots to keep things fun and have a second pair of hands and eyes to catch things I may miss while behind the camera. I really wish I got a picture of him holding my reflector while doing the splits over a river to get this shot. There are always good laughs when Sherman is around and I love him for it!


Danielle Weathers said...

Great job Daina!!!

MaryKai said...

That was funny. Before I realized that your were talking about Sherman I was like "Oh, My!". You definitely keep me on my toes!


Diana,your picts are hitting me
I have a camer but find it harder loading pics,they are too big,is it possible to set the camer and make small pics?

Quitstorm said...


Daina Crowell said...

Atheist Traveller, What camera are you shooting with?