Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bet I Can Make You Smile!

Tonight I had the opportunity to assist Wade again. Since it was a small shoot I got to mostly watch and learn. And learn I did (more on that below). But, I did have an opportunity to snap a few shots and I cannot stop smiling every time I look at this little girl. Her mom is a the costume designer for EBT and she gets to practice "ballet stuff" while her mom fits the dancers. She really was the sweetest thing I have ever talked to and had an incredible sense of style! Check out her hair that she did ALL by herself! Yes, there are 20+ bobby pins in her hair. Told you I could make you smile!

Now for a little lesson in studio lighting. I will embarrass myself with this horrible photo to best illustrate my point. Whenever Wade would meter the light, we would get really crazy readings, time after time. I couldn't see anything wrong with what we were doing and Wade was certain his light meter was broken. Upon further investigation, I got a phone call from Wade explaining what he found. His lumisphere was not over the meter's lens, thus messing with the readings. He so nicely sent me this beautiful photo as proof to our mishap. Who said two heads are better than one? (in Wade's defense, he was running the shoot, breaking down language barriers, testing a new camera, playing with new focusing techniques etc. As for me? I've got nothin'! :)

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Rachael said...

What an ADORABLE ballerina!! I love all those bobby pins.

and I wish I knew what the heck you're talking about with the light metering! I think I'm still in basics 101... :) but I'm glad you figured it out!