Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank You Wade!

I had my first sit down mentoring session with Seattle photographer, Wade Heninger. Wade is a wealth of knowledge and I am so excited for the opportunity to glean all I can from him. I can't wait to play with all I have learned! I got a crash course on many different lighting styles and affects. Here is a sample of my evening shoot at Wade's houses, with my daughter and two of his kids (Sarah is certain no one will recognize her in "disguise).


Melissa said...

Oh how fun! This is such a wonderful opportunity for you. Hopefully I can find something like this sometime. Just to have someone who really knows what they are doing help me...instead of me just doing trial and error. Can't wait to see all your wonderful pix to come!

And tell Sarah, she really did fool me. I didn't know that was her--what a cutie!

Ann Gregson said...

The pictures of Sarah took my breath away.

Grannie Annie

Leslie Behunin said...

You're amazing!!!!!!

Aaron H. said...

Wow, you are very talented. I just found your blog from your Facebook post. I will for sure have to follow along with your progress.
What camera did you get?

Zappe Family said...

Great shots.'re amazing my dear.